Prefabricated canopy

The canopy is a portable prefabricated room that is used for temporary residence and to provide periodic services and various activities in a variety of weather conditions and geographical locations. Its types include office buildings, security and service buildings, mobile buildings, expandable buildings, industrial kitchens, prayer halls, bathrooms and toilets, and on-site assembly complexes. Important features of the canopy are high earthquake resistance, easy portability and installation, no need for foundations and very good insulation against heat and cold. In the production of canopies, columns, floor chassis and roof coil, how to connect the profiles, sheet material and type of polyurethane foam sandwich panel roof and wall covering, fire resistance class of polyurethane foam and its compaction (density) , Are very important factors in the quality of construction of buildings. Aria Baron Company, using up-to-date software and a very strong research and development unit, has the ability to design and calculate the types of sheds with special uses in accordance with the customer's map and prepare bulk orders in the shortest time and with world quality. They send.

  1. Use sandwich panels instead of sheets

  2. Possibility of movement without damage to the canopy

  3. High Quality

  4. Use LSF structures instead of profiles

  5. Use screws instead of welding in joints

  6. Use UPVC doors and windows

  7. Maintain the temperature inside the canopy

  8. Use of structures with kiln paint

  9. Do not change the appearance of the canopy

  10. Use of quality materials inside the canopy

  11. Possibility of design with any dimensions and any design (ordering)

  12. Variety in the design and color of interior and exterior walls

  13. Ability to wash inside and out with detergent

1. Administrative offices

7. Training classes

2. Guard barracks

8. Baths and toilets

3. Workers' barracks

9. Accommodation in crisis situations

4. Service complexes

10. Prayer room

5. Clinics and emergencies

11. BTS telecommunication complexes

6. Field kitchens

12. Equipment and support sheds


Skeleton (columns, floor chassis, roof coil)

Made of steel sheet and in the form of stable bent profiles


Sand blast and then kiln paint


Shadowline sandwich panel with double-sided pre-painted galvanized sheet or allozinc


Sandwich panel with double-sided galvanized sheet or pre-painted allozinc

Type of insulation


Insulation fire class (according to ISIRI 14159 standard)

B2 (self-extinguishing decelerator)

Foam density (according to EN1602 standard)

40 kg per cubic meter


Lattice with profile and on bent trapezoidal sheet, compressed wood layer and then PVC or parquet flooring


Sandwich panel door with first-class locks and handles


UPVC or aluminum with double glazing

Electrical and lighting system

UPVC or aluminum with double glazing




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