Flushing is a sheet of galvanized or allozinc that covers the seam between the sandwich panels of the ceiling, wall, refrigerators and also covers the crown and under the crown of the sheds to prevent water penetration and also used as a panel beautification. Takes. In addition, flushings can be used on window frames and doors. Dimensions, sizes and sections of flushing vary depending on the final size of the projects. The most important benefits of using flushing are resistance to sunlight and other atmospheric factors and prevention of corrosion of sandwich panel foam by birds and pests. Types of flushing include sharp, sub-sharp, smooth, volatile, internal and external flushing.

1. Cover on the crown of the sheds

4. Cover the inner seam of the walls

2. Cover under the canopy of sheds

5. Cover the outer seam of the walls

3. Foam cover around the ceiling panels

6. Holder of wall sandwich panels


  1. Pre-painted oven sheet

  2. High service life

  3. Ease of installation


0.4 / 0.5 / 1/2 mm

Color type

Pre-painted oven


Galvanized / allozinc




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