Duct pre-insulated air conditioner

Duct or pre-insulated duct as a suitable alternative and with much higher efficiency than metal ducts or similar products, has always been considered by employers, consultants and executors of projects and buildings. This product is produced and offered by Aria Baron Company in order to reduce energy consumption in various industrial and construction sectors and by using the best technologies in the world. These ducts consist of two outer and inner layers of aluminum and polyurethane foam that has been injected between them. PIR foam with a density (compression) of 45 kg / m3 is a good insulator against cold and heat and is also stable against fire.

1. Commercial complexes

4. Hotels and accommodation centers

2. Residential complexes

5. Hospitals and medical centers

3. Administrative centers

6. Recreation and tourism complexes


  1. High service life

  2. Very low weight

  3. Stable against fire

  4. Completely airtight and waterproof

  5. Reduction of energy consumption

  6. Insulation against heat, cold and sound

  7. Very high speed and ease of installation

  8. Stable against UV rays and sunlight

  9. Lack of vibration resulting in reduced annoying noise

  10. Hygienic due to the smooth and polished inner surface and the impossibility of accumulation of bacteria

the length

6.00 meters


1.20 meters


2 cm

Type of insulation


Insulation fire class (according to ISIRI 14159 standard)

PIR (late burn)

Foam density (according to EN1602 standard)

40 kg per cubic meter

Electrical conductivity

0.021 watts per kelvin

friction coefficient


Compression resistance

0.2 MPa

Bending strength

0.2 MPa

Water absorption

Less than 0.1%




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